Green Bottoms Review and Giveaway

 August 17th, 2011

Green Bottoms is an Etsy shop run by Dina. After making all of the diapers for her twin boys, Dina became very comfortable with experimenting with diaper patterns. The end result is a well thought out product for you and your baby! Green Bottoms shop has All in Twos (AI2s), Fitteds,  and pocket diapers along with diaper covers. If you want to be brave, she even has supplies to make your own diapers. Take a look at some of the cute fabrics she has.

Love the girly print on this diaper cover.

Berry Vines Fitted Diaper
Fitted Diaper

The Review:

I got the chance to review a Green Bottoms pocket diaper in a lovely purple flower print. The print is really striking. I like to show off my baby's diaper and try to pair them with shirts that match. The pattern and colors in this print offer so many color combination opportunities. Dina includes a hidden layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) under her cotton outer prints. This Green Bottoms Diaper is a sized, pocket diaper with two rows of snaps. There are four snaps on each side of the diaper to acheive the best fit for baby. The wings has three snaps each, two for the waist and one for the thighs. This is helpful for babies who have larger or smaller thighs than tummies.The pocket is in the front of the diaper for easy access and washing. The front of the diaper has a slight dip in it to fit nicely on the tummy; similar to a low rise fit. Dina has chosen color coordinated snaps with perfectly matched thread color!

Ease of Use: Six snaps will have this diaper on your baby. The thigh snaps make it easy to avoid leaks if you have a baby with skinny legs or chunky thighs! The front stuffing pocket is wide and accomidates for larger hands.

Fit: I was sent the pocket diaper without an insert. It was nice to be able to adjust the absorbency. Obviously, the more inserts you add, the fluffier baby's bottom will be. I mainly used this diaper with an extra GoGreen Pocket Diaper microfiber 3 layer insert. It was nice and trim. The hip snaps were a great addition to this diaper. It was great to have for my chunky thighed babe. The medium size we were sent fit great! It fits babies 15-30lbs.

Performance: We did experience some wicking with this diaper. The times that we did it was overnight. To be truthful, I really think that I needed to add more absorbency to the diaper for night time use. Consequently I used this diaper mostly during the daytime. Remember that I did not use one of Dina's inserts (although they look really great). Perhaps I wouldn't have had any issues if I were using one of her insets. This diaper was great for us for day time and it was one of the first diapers I grabbed after diaper laundry.

Care: I washed this diaper with my normal wash routine (cold rinse, hot wash, cold wash) and it did great! There were some sticky poo messes (Charlotte was just beginning solids) and there are no stains on the microfiber. That's the one thing I really like about microfiber, the stain resistance. I would reccommend drying on medium. There was more wicking if I line dried the diaper.

Materials: Cotton outer, microfiber inner, hidden layer of PUL.

Cost: $13 for the medium pocket diaper. Diapers in the Green Bottoms shop run from $10- $30.

Overall Opinion: This was a great day time diaper for us. The fit was wonderful and provided full coverage, even on my high rise baby. The ability to adjust the thigh seperate from the waist was a big plus for us. Green Bottoms diapers are a great, inexpensive way to expand your cloth diaper stash!

Not into sized diapers? Dina also offers a one size option. See her Facebook page for more details.

The Giveaway:
Dina is offering one reader a custom cloth diaper (choice of fabric and size).



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