Loveable Labels Review and Giveaway

August 18th, 2011

When Lovable Labels contacted me about doing a review, I was so excited. I feel like I'm always misplacing stuff and labeling it is a great way to make sure it gets back to me! I get out of the house a lot (I'm not going to let three kiddos slow me down), but, I'll admit, when I do go out it is a bit hectic. I have to make sure James isn't jumping off a store display and that Sally isn't off exploring. Luckily, Charlotte is in the sling, giving me my hands. When I get all three children in the same place, I tend to take off, sometimes leaving things behind (at least I've never left my kiddos).

Lovable Labels is a mom-run business based in Canada that Laura started in 2003. When Lauren's daughter started daycare, Lauren was told to label everything that she brought in for her daughter; shoes, cups, clothing, backpacks. Laura did her research and created a huge line of labels that include regular (microwave and dishwasher safe), slimline (microwave and dishwasher safe), shoe, iron-on (washer and dryer safe) labels and bag tags. These labels are bright, fun and will last through what kids can put them through!

The Press and Stick Clothing Dots are great a great way to make sure that clothing returns to its rightful owners. I put some on my maternity clothes. I always seem to have a few friends who are pregnant and keeping my maternity clothes in a box just seems wasteful. I put the Press and Stick Dots on the tags of the clothing and when my friends are done borrowing my maternity clothes, I'll get them back. This way there won't be any questions of "Is this one yours?".

The Slimline labels are great for waterbottles and sippy cups. These are usually the items I leave behind. I'm the lady who carries a water bottle with her where ever she goes but sometimes my absentmindedness rears its ugly head.

Have a child with allergies or a medical condition? Lovable Labels has you covered! They have labels for food allergies and medical to alert childcare providers or teachers about your child and his or her needs. Lovable Labels also has medical and vital wristbands for your child to wear. These are a great way for medical professionals to access your child's information should an emergency arise. There is enough space on the card inserts to write your child's medical condition, medication they may be taking, two emergency contacts and any other information you may find helpful.

Lovable Labels has something for everybody! They have a great line of organizational labels. These include labels for crafts, the pantry and household files. I love the garbage bin labels. These make finding your garbage bin a little easier. This past spring, we had a huge wind storm in Texas. When the garbage bins were out, they blew all over the street! This would have been handy to have. They also have stationary! The "Connect With Me" cards are a brilliant idea. The Connect With Me cards are similar to business cards. They are great for handing out to new friends, arranging play dates, and giving your children to keep your contact info on hand.

Garbage Bin Labels
Connect with Me cards are perfect for notifying people of a new address.

Why choose Lovable Labels? Because children loose things. Even I loose things! When children go to camp, school, childcare, dance class etc., (or when you go to work) they might misplace their belongings. With durable, affordable and unique designs lovable labels has you covered.

Overall Opinion: I was sent the "Back to School" pack to review. I chose the Polka Dot Me pack. The Back to School pack contains: 

•15 Regular Sticker Labels
•80 Slimline Sticker Labels
•48 Press n'Stick Clothing dots
•12 Shoe Labels
•2 Mini-Metal Tags (two 20mm double S rings included)
•12 Square Labels

The colors are pretty spot on from the website. The printing is high quality and the labels stay put! The different sizes are great for labeling everything that you'll need for back to school or daycare (or for sticker crazy kids). The mini metal tags are perfect for hanging on your diaper bag.

Lovable Labels are a great way to ensure that lost things will come back to you. I would like if they had a place to put your phone number on the labels, though.

The Giveaway:

Lovable Labels has generously supplied us with a pack of "Back To School Pack" for one lucky winner!  Thanks, Lovable Labels! Enter on the rafflecopter form below.



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zipit tags prety w/ star


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I really like the bag tags - thanks for the chance to win.