Wipes Week August 23rd at Love Lives Here Update

Well, Wipes week is right around the corner. It starts on Monday August 23rd, 2010. Be sure to check out ways to get extra entries into the Giveaways. Check it out here.

Found: Giveaway for Rubbermaid Spray Mop

OK, this is my first non-diaper related post. I have been on a long and hard search for cleaning products that are 100% natural, completely safe for my kids, and safe for the environment. The only thing that i could find to match all of those things was to make my own cleaning products. Now, it hasn't been so hard to do since i have a lot of left over spray bottles. the only problem that i've run into is mopping. We have 2 small children and the floors are hard to keep clean ( especially when one of the kids is really into throwing the food right now). This product offered by Rubbermaid lets you add your own cleaning solution to the spray mop. GREAT IDEA! It's what I've tried to get the people over at the very popular spray mop company to do! Mom's Focus On Cyberworld is doing a great giveaway for one of these mops. Go check it out!

Found: Giveaway for Little Beetle Products

Glimpse Reviews is hosting a giveaway for a Little Beetle Fitted Diaper and Wool Cover from Eden Cloth Diapering Company. Better For Babies, who makes Little Beetle products, is a great company that is trying to be as sustainable and responsible as they can be! Check out the giveaway and Good Luck!

Found: Giveaway for Tiny Tush Fitted Diaper

29 Diapers is having a giveaway for a Tiny Tush Hemp One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper. This is a great diaper! For more info about the diaper visit Tiny Tush. Check it out and good luck!

Found: Giveaway at Cherry Blossoms

I just found this site through Cloth Diapers Giveaways. Cherry Blossoms has great giveaways for cloth diapering mamas and great posts. The giveaway that really got my attention was the Everly Grey $200 GC giveaway. Everly Grey offers great maternity clothes that are actually stylish!!!!
Check out the giveaway!

Found: Giveaway for Little Beetle Organic Wool Soaker

This wonderful giveaway is on the lovely blog Trees Will Bend. I've been wanting to try Wool for a while now and here's a chance to win some. I can't resist! Besides that. The company that makes Little Beetles Diapers, Better For Babies, is a GREAT company! Also check out their sister company Better for Grownups.

Good Luck!

Wipes Week August 23rd at Love Lives Here

Over at the Love Lives Here blog, Wipes Week is in 16 days. There will be lots of giveaways I'm sure by some great companies and possibly even some WAHMies. Want a way to get some extra entries? Go here and complete some of the easy tasks. Its that simple. Stay tuned for updates...

Giveaway: My Baby's Green Hybrid Cloth Diapers


My Baby's Green is having a giveaway of their Hybrid cloth diapers. They are giving away 5, thats right, 5 cloth diapers to one lucky winner. The winner will get one diaper in each of their great colors, Blue Moon, Sweet Pea, Coconut, Sherbert and Chic-a-dee. What a great giveaway!

WAHM Wares: Woolies!


I recently discovered wool as a diapering option. I knew about it but thought it was for the really die hard cloth diapering fans (which i consider myself even though i don't use wool....yet). But after thinking about THE most natural thing that i can wrap around my Baby's bum for waterproofing, wool is it!
We're expecting a baby in December and I'm starting to invest in wool. I came across this giveaway by Makin' It. She makes really adorable woolies that are loving handcrafted! She has an Etsy shop here. I think my favorite piece that she has now is a red and yellow cover with ruffles on the bum! Sooo cute! Head on over and check it out!