Found: Giveaway for Rubbermaid Spray Mop

OK, this is my first non-diaper related post. I have been on a long and hard search for cleaning products that are 100% natural, completely safe for my kids, and safe for the environment. The only thing that i could find to match all of those things was to make my own cleaning products. Now, it hasn't been so hard to do since i have a lot of left over spray bottles. the only problem that i've run into is mopping. We have 2 small children and the floors are hard to keep clean ( especially when one of the kids is really into throwing the food right now). This product offered by Rubbermaid lets you add your own cleaning solution to the spray mop. GREAT IDEA! It's what I've tried to get the people over at the very popular spray mop company to do! Mom's Focus On Cyberworld is doing a great giveaway for one of these mops. Go check it out!