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About Me:  My family and I are a green living, Farmer’s market going, cloth diapering, breastfeeding, crunchy kind of family. Our family includes myself, almost 5 year old daughter, Sally, almost 3 year old son, James, 9 month old Charlotte and my wonderful husband, Oswald*. We are a young, active family who enjoys taking adventures and trying new things.

Reader Demographic: Knocked Up and Nursing focuses primarily on cloth diapering and green living along with helpful articles on natural parenting.  My blog readers are mostly women, especially mothers, who are interested in learning more about living in an eco conscious way.

Review Policies:
  It would be my pleasure to have the opportunity to do a review or giveaway of your products. I would appreciate if reviews of products were kept to the topics of my blog.  This includes (but is not limited to) cloth diapers and accessories, natural parenting products, natural home and health, natural beauty care products, wooden and cloth toys, eco and earth friendly products, organic gardening and cooking wares. Please contact me with any inquiries about other products.  If you think the readers of Knocked Up and Nursing and I may be interested in your product, please contact me.

In order for me to review a product for your company, I will need a retail equivalent product to evaluate.  This item will not be returned unless we have discussed otherwise.  However, in the unlikely event that your product does not work for our family I will offer to return it to you. Reviews will be placed in a Review Archive for easy retrieval and reference.

Giveaway Policies:
I would love to offer a giveaway for the same item I have reviewed or a gift certificate to your shop.  I will post the giveaway at the same time as my review unless we have discussed otherwise. I prefer that items be sent directly to the winner. Please contact me for other shipping options.

I will offer a giveaway without a review only if it is something I have purchased or used already. For further questions on this policy, please contact me. Both reviews and giveaways will be posted within 30 days of receipt of the product. If there is a specific entry option that you prefer for this giveaway please let me know and I will include it in the contest.

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* For privacy purposes, the names of my children and husband have been changed. They all got to choose their own aliases. Thank you for understanding.