Feed Your Stash Fridays!

Feed Your Stash Friday: JUNE 11-17, 2010

Thanks to Clothdiaperblog.com, Friday is now my new favorite day. I mean, it kinda always was since it marks the start of the weekend. It means that my husband and i will stay up late and watch a movie and it means that Saturday is around the corner...(Saturday is my weekend day to sleep in). I always try to take the kids out to do something fun on Fridays. Oh yeah, and It's Feed Your Stash Friday!!!! A chance to win FREE cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories!

This week we have a chance to win 2 Bum Essentials Bumbino OS Diapers and a Bum Essentials wetbag. Never really had any interest in these diapers since they aren't a big brand but upon further inspection, these look really nice! In fact, if I am not the lucky winner (I haven't been yet), I might look into getting some of these for #3!