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As a mother of 4, with one on the way (congrats!!!!), Beth is a seasoned babywearer. She has been wearing her children for ten years and sewing her own slings almost as long. After having negative experiences with narrow ring slings, Beth and her husband wanted wider ones. BabyEtte now carries wider than usual ring slings for more protection and longevity of use. With a wider sling you can wear your toddler longer and in a variety of positions.

Sage Green Babywearing Wrapping Poncho jacket coat in fleece 2 sizes - several colors in shop

Look at the many uses of the poncho!

BabyEtte also carries a very ingenious selection of babywearing ponchos for cold weather. Here in Texas, we're having a cold front. Right now there is actually snow on the ground! My daughter woke up and exclaimed, "Mama, it doesn't snow in Texas!". She's right. Cold weather where you need more than a heavy sweater or light coat is unusual. But it's been in the teens and twenties for almost a week now and I find myself with the conundrum of trying to wear my baby and a coat at the same time. Do I put the coat on first then the sling? Sling under the coat? The first option seems uncomfortable if we are going in a store as I will likely want to take my coat off. The second option alters the fit of my postpartum body in my VERY pre-baby coat. I think the babywearing poncho may just be the perfect accessory!

I had the opportunity to review a ring sling from Baby Ette's "Mad about Plaid" line. I've been a fan of babywearing since I was introduced to it when Sally was 3 months old by a friend in a playgroup. She was a fussy infant and one of the only things that calmed her was the tummy to tummy hold in a sling. My husband and I got quite proficient at using the sling and have touted the art of babywearing ever since. The same friend who introduced me to babywearing also introduced me to Attachment Parenting. I can't thank her enough! It has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me as a parent.

The sling arrived about a week after Charlotte was born. I was feeling pretty good and we were ready to get out of the house! I was super excited to get the sling, not only because BabyEtte is a wonderful company that supports babywearing but because one of my previous slings had bite the dust. I had given my other sling to a friend who was expecting. Shortly after I had done that we found out that we were pregnant! Being slingless with a newborn and 2 little kids was hard. Luckily my husband was able to stay home that first week! Anyways, as we were leaving for the bookstore, we checked the mail and there it was! It was all I could do to snap the above picture before I opened it up and got my baby in it!

Beth's impeccable craftsmanship is similar to what I've seem from high end garments. Beth lines up the pattern on the fabric to make it appear seamless. The pleating near the rings is amazing!!! She took the fabric pattern into consideration when making these pleats; something I've never seen before in a sling. Beth has thought out this design and it's so wonderful to see such attention to detail!

Mad About Plaid baby Ring Sling brown and gray Pleated - Many colors/styles Available

The brushed cotton fabric is incredibly soft and cozy. It the perfect weight; sturdy yet breathable. I've had sooo many comments on this sling, more than any other I've ever had, from all ages. I've had grown men come up and say what a neat contraption it is and I've had young hipsters say they love the fabric. We went to the Children's Museum and I got so many compliments on the sling. I swear it should have a little pocket to keep business cards in so you can hand them out!

Ease of Use: I will say that there is a slight learning curve with ring slings and wraps. Beth includes great detailed instructions with all her slings. Plus YouTube has great videos for ring sling usage. Beth recommends practicing with a stuffed animal so if something goes awry, no one is hurt. Once you have used the sling for a short time, you'll be a pro.

Materials: This sling is made from brushed cotton and aluminum rings. BabyEtte offers slings in different fabrics such as dupioni silk, cotton, linen and minky.

Care: No worries if something should spill on your new accessory. Just machine wash on cold and tumble dry. You can also spot clean the sling.

Measurements: The sling is 34" wide and 84" long. It's one size fits most. Beth does allow for customization of the length.

Cost: $60.00 Visit here to purchase.

Overall Opinion: I love BabyEtte's slings! The craftsmanship is amazing and you can tell that Beth really does have a passion for what she does. The sling is really comfortable because the width of the sling helps distribute the weight of your baby. The cotton is cozy for mama and baby and is great for fall or winter weather. My only worry is that the fabric might be hot in the summer here in Texas. The rolled edge hem makes adjusting the rails or edges so easy! I've had other slings that don't adjusted as well because of the type of hem they have. Overall, I am really impressed by this sling and Beth's work. I'd highly recommend these slings to every parent. A must have accessory!

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These look fabulous! I am past the nursing and slinging stage with my girls but would have loved this one.
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