How to Measure Your Baby for Diaper Covers

I've always wondered what the correct way to measure baby for covers and other diapers that don't do sizing just by poundage was. I recently won a gift certificate to The Diaper Wagon by way of The Review Stew and came across this great info on how to measure your babe!
(From the Diaper Wagon website listing for Twee Baby Wool Longies:)

"Measurements should be taken while your child is wearing his/her bulkiest diaper. Wool interlock is incredibly soft and stretchy, making sizing quite forgiving.

  • Waist measurements should be taken at the level of 1 inch below the belly button.
  • To measure the Rise go from the top of the diaper in the front down thru the legs and back up to the top of the diaper in the back. Add 1-2 inches for good coverage.
  • Inseam is measured from crotch to hem. The easiest way to take an inseam measurement is from a pair of pants that fit your child well. "
Finally, some easy to understand measuring guides! Thanks Twee Baby and The Diaper Wagon for the great info!

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