Wool, Oh How I Love You!

I just got my first wool soaker in the mail on Friday and, I have to say, I LOVE it!
After i got my first fitted diaper a couple months ago, I started to really understand why people were using fitteds and covers. I also started looking at the different cover options. I had a Wonder Wrap PUL cover that was working great. I, however, wanted to know what else was out there.

I had read about the benefits of wool nursing pads and heard a lot about wool as an option for covers. With a tight budget, I was longing for the time when we could afford a wool cover. Lo and behold, I won a $20 gift certificate from Love Lies Here to FiberFidelity. Theresa specializes in handknit wool covers and also has wetbags and legwarmers. This prize had come at a great time! I chose the cover pictured above, a red and blue handknit soaker.

Luckily, when my fluff mail arrived, I had clean fitteds waiting to be used!
James didn't need a fuzzi change but we did it anyway! It fit him perfect (sorry I don't have any pictures with it on him....). I think it makes him feel like a big boy because he can help with diaper changes by pulling the cover up and down. The merino wool is super soft and not at all scratchy like i thought it might be. Very brilliant and vibrant colors! I was really happy with the quality too.

Overall, I'd suggest a wool soaker to everyone! It is extremely easy to use. Now I just need to learn how to lanolize and wash it. More to come on that. Stay tuned as I journey through wool!

Head on over to Fiber Fidelity and give her some Etsy love!


Meg said...

we have the wool love here too!!

I'm following you from the Friday Follow! I would love if you could follow me as well!


Ruth Ann said...

Love your blog!!! Take a look at HaddyGrace Designs, I would be interested in helping with the Fluffy christmas Deal!!!