Day 4 of the Flats Challenge

May 26th, 2011

Last night was hard. I had no desire to wash diapers. Instead I was eating haagan daaz coffee ice cream (ummmmmmm) and watching Battlestar Galactica. My gracious husband did the rinse and started the wash cycle in the tub! What a man! I can't tell you how thankful I am to have a helper! It was a long day with the kids (Sally is sick) and I just wasn't feeling it. Everything got done though. It was a fairly large load; I almost ran out of drying space. I had over 13 flats hanging on the line, plus covers! I had wipes inside on both shower rods and towel racks. I noticed 2 stains on my flats today ! They didn't sun out on the line like I thought they would.

STAINS!!! Diaper Rite on L and Koala Kuddles on R.

So far I've been using Diaper Rite bleached flats in size large and Koala Kuddles Muslin receiving blankets as flats. The Diaper Rite flats, from my measurements, are 36" x 27" stretched. The original measurements for the Diaper Rite's was 32" x 32". I don't know how I ended up with the wonky measurement of 36" x 27". I measured twice and measured 2 different flats! Strange. Perhaps because I'm hanging them to dry it's causing the fabric to stretch by weighing it down on the line. The corners of the flats do look stretched out (which makes folded them neatly slightly more complicated). The Koala Kuddles are 42" x 42" stretched. The original measurement for these was 39" x 39". Again, I think that fact that I'm line drying everything has lead to the stretching of the fabric (especially at the corners). The lack of the daily high heat drying experience is probably the cause of the differing measurements.

The Koala Kuddles are better for using on James because I can utilize more of the folds on him. The Diaper Rite flats just don't make it around his waist. He, by no means, is a big 2.5 year old. He's a trim little guy. I prefer to save the Diaper Rite's for pad folding. Since the Koala Kuddles are larger, when folded, they give more layers. I like to use the Koala Kuddles on Charlotte at night and use a 2 pad folded flats in a cover at night for James.

One problem I've run into: snappis... I have to make sure that there is enough fabric so that the teeth of the snappi can't touch the kid's skin. Poor James started screaming "It hurts!!!! It hurts!!!" after I had put on his alternative kite folded flat and cover and pants. The pressure of the pants made the snappi "bite" his skin... We used a pad fold after that one! Is anyone else running into this issue?

BTW, It's not to late to join, if you'd like. For more info and full rules, click here.

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