Bum Genius is having a Giveaway for the Tiny Socialite Series

Bum Genius is having a giveaway for an entire collection of their new Tiny Socialite Collection bumGenius 4.0 Artist Series cloth diapers. Two winners will win 5 diapers each; one of each print (Concrete Jungle, Jet Setter, Free Spirit, Retail Therapy and Eiffel Tower). They asked that entrants answer this question: "How do you encourage a creative, artistic spirit in your baby, toddler or young child"?

Here's my answer:

Creativity comes completely natural to children. It is our job, as parents, to supply them with outlets which allow them to explore that creativity. I have made it a point to give my children the opporunity to freely explore. We have surrounded them with toys that are open ended and can be used for multiple things. An example of this would be the beeswax coloring blocks that we purchased. They love them! Talk about incorporating all of the senses. The warmth of your hand makes the block crayons give off a wonderful honey-like aroma! My son will sit and hold them up to his nose take a deep breath and say, "Ahhh". Since they are block shaped, they don't roll away from you like crayons do, which takes away a lot of frustration for the little ones. The colors are magnificent! After my kids are done coloring, and sometimes mid coloring session, they like to pretend that the blocks are "guys" and they create a scenario of epic proportions.

Seeing your children use their creativity, without being prompted, is one of the greatest things that a parent can experience. It means they are growing up. Like I said earlier, creativity come naturally to children. We just need to step back and give them the freedom to experience it themselves.


Here's the link to the contest. Hurry, I think the drawing ends tonight!


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What a great giveaway!

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chrissytina00 said...

Where do we send in our answers