Mothering Magazine is Marvelous

I just read the article "A Nursing Triad" by Elrena Evans on I wanted to share this heartwarming and tear inducing article with everyone. As I near the end of my third pregnancy, I find that I am treasuring every nursing session with my 26 month old son and looking forward to nursing this new little baby.

I had so wanted to tandem nurse my daughter and son, who are 21 months apart. I had done all the research, read a cornucopia of information on tandem nursing and informed my husband of my wishes. I had done all this in the first couple months of my pregnancy with my son. Month three rolls around and my sweet, independent 15 month old little girl decides she is done nursing. I am not done. I want to continue to have a nursling. I want that special connection that nurslings and mothers have at the breast and beyond. She seems so small as she toddles off to play by herself and I realize that that bond is not broken. That bond is growing everyday.

My son was a chunk when he was born and nursed like a champ. Almost two and a half years later, he is my little nursling. Now only nursing at bedtime, it is OUR time. A time to calm down, relax and think. Our new baby often wiggles to the side of the womb that is closest to James and snuggles up with big brother. It helps me know that tandem nursing is the right thing for us.

I'll keep you updated on my experiences with tandem nursing as we go. I'm 36 weeks pregnant now and am getting so anxious to meet my new little one.

I want to thank Mothering Magazine for being an invaluable resource to parents everywhere!